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How to open RAR files on Windows 11

How to open RAR files on Windows 11What is this RAR  file after all ? This is a type of file, inside which you can store many folders or any file, any document, any image, any Software,  any type of other file by compressing it. RAR FILE compresse your folder files very well,

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How to Delete Contacts From Google Account in Android Phone

How to Delete Contacts From Google Account in Android Phone     Many times we save many numbers in our contact list, out of which we do not need many numbers and they are saved in our mobile. Because of that we have many numbers in our mobile.

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How to Fix the importer reported a generic error in Adobe Premiere Pro

How to Fix The Importer Reported a Gneric Error in Adobe Premiere Pro     Adobe Premiere Pro is the most Popular software used by the YouTube creators, movie makers and video creators.  Adobe Premiere Pro is evolved from the Adobe Premiere. Adobe Premiere is very old software.

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How to view Photoshop psd files as Thumbnail

How to view Thumbnail Previews of Photoshop PSD files in Windows    Some years ago ( 15 or  20 years )   Windows automatically showed a PSD file thumbnail preview. But after that due to the PSD file license Restrictions.

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How to Open or Save as WebP Image Files in Adobe Photoshop

How to Open .WebP Files in Photoshop     In this modern world the new websites use WebP image because Its size is very small and it does not reduce resolution of the image.

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