How to view Photoshop psd files as Thumbnail

    Some years ago ( 15 or  20 years )   Windows automatically showed a PSD file thumbnail preview. But after that due to the PSD file license Restrictions. There is no automatic PSD preview in any Windows operating system. But don't worry we will give you a simple solution for the simple problem.

How to view Thumbnail Previews of Photoshop PSD files in Windows

Step 1

      First, we check if our Photoshop PSD File thumbnail preview is showing or not.  ( In My Windows it's not showing)  

Photoshop PSD files Thumbnail Previews Not Showing in Windows

Step 2

     Now I just downloaded the free software I gave the link of this software. We Give Two Link  Link is Mega Second is Google Drive Download any link you Want.

mega Download

Google Drive Download

Download Photoshop PSD files Thumbnail Preview Free Software

Step 3

     Now the Zip file is downloaded on your PC. We just extract this zip file.  right click on the Zip file and click on the extract and extract it anywhere that you want on your PC. 

Right Click on zip file to Extract PSD files Thumbnail Preview Free Software

Step 4

    Double click on the extracted folder, and we find Folder Name PSD View Thumnail  Double click on it. Here We find Two Files just right-click on the .exe file And Click on Run As administrator. 

Run As Administrator Photoshop PSD files Thumbnail Preview Steup File

Step 5

    Now Our Step is Started Just Selecting a Language. I Select English. Click on Next. read License Agreement. Select  Accept the agreement.  Click on Next.

 Step 6

    Select Destination Location -  if you Want to Change Location  Then Change it and Click on Next. Click on Next once More Time.

 Step 7

    Most IMP Part is  Here - Select Additional Task.  Just check all the boxes.  The important thing is 1. Associated Pictus with the .psd file extension 2. Associated Pictus with the .psp file extension.  Please select these two options. Click on Next. Click on Install and Install Software. Click on the finish.  

Select Two IMP Settings in Photoshop PSD file Thumbnail Preview Setup

Step 8

  Now we check if our PSD file preview is working or not now it is working.

Photoshop PSD files Thumbnail Preview Showing in Windows

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