How to open RAR files on Windows 11

What is this RAR  file after all ?

This is a type of file, inside which you can store many folders or any file, any document, any image, any Software,  any type of other file by compressing it. RAR FILE compressi your folder files very well, due to which you save a lot of space and its formation is 26% better than zip file compression.

How to open RAR files on Windows 11

How to Open Any RAR File ?

 1 Step
      On my PC and desktop I have a .Rar  file  and I want to extract that file.

RAR files in Windows
2 Step
      Windows 11 does not have any  feature to extract RAR  files. That's why we need one software named WinRar.  

     WinRAR and RAR archiver Software downloads

Download  it  from  the  download link. 

RAR Download link

If your pc is  32  bit  then Download WinRAR x86  if 64 bit Then Download  WinRAR x86 .

3 Step
   Just Doubleclick on the Setup File .  Click on the install . Click on Ok. Click on Done. Now our software is installed on our Windows 11 PC.

installing winrar on windows 11

 4 Step
    Now on our PC all RAR file thumbnails have changed.  Right-click on the Rar file. Click on the extract files.

Extract RAR Files

5. Step
    Now our extraction path and options pop up box is open.  in Destination path You can use any patp that you like or the path with which you want to extract Your Rar file.  Click on the ok .

Extract RAR Files in windows 11

6. Step

    one new folder is created on the destination path.  That folder contents all extracted files from that rar file.

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